Colorize product AUTOMATIC


This is a free service allowing you to color the variations of your products from a single photo. You don't need any infographic knowledge to use this application which is completely self-contained and easy to use. You don’t need to use another drawing software to prepare your photos, this online app takes care of everything. In addition, any type of image can be recolored and your images remain on your computer and are not saved on our servers. Increase your sales thanks to the ability for your customers to see the product they want to buy in the color they want.
Colorize product AUTOMATIC

How important is it to have several color product variations on your e-commerce site?

Color is an important factor in purchasing decisions, so it is important to have several color product variations on your e-commerce site.
This allows customers to see the product in different colors and choose the one that they prefer.

It is important to have several color product variations on your e-commerce site because it allows customers to see the product in different colors and helps them make a decision about which product to purchase.
It also allows you to show off the different color options of your products and how they look in different settings.


Increasing of the SEO

The increasing of the number of pictures with the different images for each colour will increase your SEO

No other software required

The coloring of your products is done directly on the application, it isn't done with an intermediate software

Almost automatic

The selection of the area to be colored is simple and almost automatic

Increase your sales

Customers who will see the product they want in the right color will be able to buy more easily

Infinite amount of pictures

Unlike other applications, you will be able to color an infinite amount of images

Secure data

All your projects and photos are stored directly on your computer and are not saved on our servers

Several variants allowed

Up to 255 attributes per product can be modified

No download required

Online software, no application to download

Infinite number of color

For the same characteristic of the product, an infinite number of colors is possible

Compatible with your CMS

Colorize product CMS


Compatible with your vendor images

No matter what image is present in the files of your computer, it can be recolored with this application because it is compatible with any type of image file such as . PNG or . JPEG files

Automatic Selection of variation

A very simple selection system almost automatic, which will allow you to define without any worries the area (s) to be recolored. You will also be able to easily restart this selection if you make a mistake when selecting the area.


The area to be recolored may seem imperfect, however you can easily and accurately readjust the area to be recolored using a variety of tools at your disposal to achieve a result to the pixel accuracy, as accurate as possible. And so you will be able to cleanly edit two zones next to each other on the same picture.

Coloring variants product

Automatic coloring taking into account shadows and reflections for each attribute for the most natural look as possible. As well as an access to an infinite number of colors for each feature recolored on the product with the ability to find precisely all the colors you have for your products.

Several variants allowed

A very large number of different areas recolorable with up to 255 parts of the image editable for a single product. In addition, you will have the possibility to switch from one recolored area to another easily and at any time to be able to observe all the recolorings made

Export your variant color

The possibility to export a single copy of a recolored image or the full range of possible combinations of different colors for each recolored part. This export is also possible at all intermediate steps of the changing of the colors of your image.